About Ryan

Fusilier, SK! Mid/late 90s?

Ryan Peterman founded Leftboot Photography in 1998 and October of 2011 was reopened in Regina after a break from the industry. A full service photographic studio opened its door in January of 2012 downtown Regina and was expanded in June of 2016 across the street. Since that time Leftboot has provided our services in studio and throughout the province. Our staff consists of sub- contractors for assisting, second shooting, hair and make-up services. All whom have a proven track record of providing solutions for professional photography services efficiently and on-time.

Ryan moved to Regina in 2008, finally finding home in this great city. Ryan had traveled and moved extensively throughout western Canada, Guyana, South America and the northwest US. With this experience Ryan brings a fresh set of eyes and vision that is often overlooked. Ryan’s photographic skills are mostly self- taught from 30 years of holding a camera. He was fortunate enough to take photography in Junior High that had a dark room where they had to hand wind film for the old Pentax cameras and then develop and print the images. Ryan is never afraid to take advice, learn, or be shown something new.